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Austin Benzing is a West Michigan singer-songwriter and guitarist making a mess in the genre sandbox. His original releases boast a wide array of influences, resulting in Michigan made country-fied progressive rock with a silver of acid jazz that is guaranteed to excite crowds of all ages and interests. 


Benzing's full band consists of other Michigan based genre rebels who lend their talents to create a vibrant music landscape. He also plays with Michigan country band, Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys, various bluegrass trios, and Bluewater Kings Band. Benzing also curates and leads a classic two hour Grateful Dead Tribute Show a few times a year, upon special request. 

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Local Spins: Austin Benzing, Lazy Genius, Edison Kitt make Hot Top 5 debut as Lee Heerspink soars to No. 1 >

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Austin Benzing
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Austin Benzing
Austin Benzing
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