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Heart of Gold Band:
A Grateful Dead Tribute


Experience the magic of the Grateful Dead like never before with Austin Benzing & Co.'s Grateful Dead Tribute Show. Immerse yourself in the timeless music of the Dead as we faithfully recreate their iconic sound and spirit in a traditional two-long-set format. Our performance spans a diverse musical landscape, blending rock, folk, blues, and electrifying country-pickin', delivering an unforgettable journey through the Dead's legendary catalog.

Featuring a lineup of Michigan's most beloved musicians, including two skilled drummers, our 6 to 9 piece ensemble brings the Dead's music to life with unparalleled authenticity and passion. Whether you're planning a festival, a private event, or any special occasion that calls for the soul-stirring melodies of the Grateful Dead, The Heart of Gold Band is the perfect choice.

For more information about booking Austin Benzing & Co.'s Grateful Dead Tribute Show and to bring the magic of the Dead to your event, please contact us. Let's create a memorable musical experience that will have your audience dancing and grooving to the timeless tunes of the Grateful Dead.

Grand Rapid's Grateful Dead Tribute Band


Tel: 231.838.1581

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